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Welcome to B & B Solveig
B&B Solveig sits on 110 feet of Flathead lakefront and is styled in the Craftsman tradition which can be seen in numerous properties around the shoreline. More Scandinavian in nature, the color palette features blues and reds. The name itself, Solveig, is my name in Norwegian - my mother wanted to name me Solveig, but opted for Sylvia instead.

My father was of pure Norwegian lineage and so, like the Norse of old, he honored his heritage and truly appreciated the mountains and the water - actually the family sirname "Fjeld" is the name of the mountains above the fjords. The treasured orchard and property passed to me in 1993. The B&B Solveig came into being in 2010.

Looking out from the west-facing deck are the waters and the B&B property shoreline populated with old growth ponderosa and pines. The steps leading from the deck get you almost to the water - the only improvement is the dock and a sandy beach which has emerged over time. The natural shoreline is just as the glacier left it when it passed this way and dredged out the lakebed ten thousand years ago.

Welcome to my home, the wondrous waters of Flathead Lake, and the beautiful Flathead Valley. Please join me for wine and cheese after your check in on Friday or Saturday.

Contact: (406)250-9120; (406)982-3332; (877)866-5632 toll free

The Owner/Operator,
Sylvia Fjeld
Scandinavian Hospitality 
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Contact the Owner
Sylvia Fjeld
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